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Yvonne Kusters, is the founder and owner of  LET’S PLAY TODAY®, an international fitness organization whose mission is to inspire children, fitness professionals, and teachers to make fitness fun and playful.  As an advocate for children’s health, Yvonne frequently presents on children’s fitness at childcare conferences, school workshops, children’s expos, Girl Scout troops and with several non-profits including the Juvenile Diabetes Walk, Spinal Research, Relay for Life, and Rubye’s Kids- homeless shelters. Yvonne's passion for exercise was the motivation to collaborate with Lolly Hopwood to produce the Go! Go! Go! music CD 
designed to motivate kids to move, use their imagination and play!

Lolly Hopwood grew up in a musical family in rural Massachusetts, and has been surrounded by music her entire life.  When she moved to Bucks County,PA in 1999, she switched from guitar to bass as her primary instrument to play with her husband in the internationally acclaimed band Honeychurch. For over a decade Hopwood was also the manager of independent record store Siren Records in Doylestown, PA, an experience which expanded and deepened her love for and knowledge of all kinds of music. All the while, she has been conducting a weekly pre-school story time at the Doylestown Bookshop, an endeavor which combines her love of children with her love of music. In 2010, soon after the birth of her own daughter, Hopwood was approached by Yvonne Kusters, a Bucks County based children fitness and play instructor, about collaborating on a music project that would get kids up and moving, encourage them to use their imaginations, and have fun. Together, they created Go! Go! Go!, a record that combines Yvonne's fitness expertise with Lolly's musical know-how.

Together, Yvonne and Lolly produced a music CD just for kids called Go! Go! Go! and offer super fun, dynamic shows that blend fitness and music together.  They created the group, Lolly & YoYo, to inspire children to play, exercise and be healthy with their energetic, interactive shows and music! Their songs and fitness activities engage the children’s imaginations while they dance, jump, hop, run, and play! Exposed to a healthy blend of live music, storytelling, and playful activities, children (and adults too) enjoy going on lively adventures, exploring faraway places, and just being downright silly! Children love to pretend to be on a romping fun-filled train ride; to pop bubbles and get clean in a giant bubble bath; to drive their cars to the red light/green light song; and to march around like their favorite animals in the zoo.

Learn more by visiting: letsplaytoday.org

Listen to their music: lollyhopwood.bandcamp.com

Lolly (in stripes)  and Yvonne (in yellow)   

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