Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A California Adventure - pt 2

Well, we're back home now. But our trip was so full of new and fun things that I still want to share some of the places we've been, things that we've done, and adventures we've had.

So, for our next act, let me take you to the grand ol' California Redwoods. Rowan had never seen such a large tree in her life. I had been out to visit my brother in California before, so I had seen them in the past, but they never cease to amaze me. We couldn't help stretching up high like the trees or reaching our arms around the trees as far as they could go (which was not very far at all). The loop that we hiked was just over a mile, which was reasonable for an eager and excited 4 year old. But there are much longer hikes that we could have taken and other parks we could have visited. Next time. There were hollowed out trees on the trail that you could walk under. Perfect little nooks for a kid.

The thing that I loved about taking Rowan to this park was that, from the moment we walked onto the trail, she wanted more. She asked if we could camp there (again, maybe next time), and she wanted to explore everything. I'm glad that we could show her the largest trees we have ever seen. I hope that her love of nature grows each day.


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