Monday, August 26, 2013

Bucks County Library Tour: Part 4 - Wrightstown & Glenside

As we embark on our second week of the Bucks County Library Tour, we just wanted to share some quick shots from Saturday's shows!
Here we are at Wrightstown Library. There are some shots here of our 'moon rock hockey' game that we've been playing. The kids are learning about how to use equipment while YoYo is learning a little bit about outerspace!
And here we are at the Glenside Library for their Summer Reading Wrap Party. It's not in Bucks County, but I wanted to share this clip along with the other videos we've been taking. What a great library! They have a vegetable garden outside. And there were all sorts of cool crafts and projects for the kids to do at this event. Fun! This video is showing a little bit of our 'rainbow fishing' game where the kids throw tie-died socks through a hula hoop. 

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